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Mazda 626 LX from the HHSkatie01
After totalling my dream car I got for my 16th birthday, my parents stuck me with a '95 Mazda 626. It wasnt so bad, and I really started to warm up to it. After having it for only month or so, it started acting up and the transmission went out. After...

626-Automatic 4 door Sedan from the ramesh bas
The Previous owner sold this car cheap, never realized it was involved in an accident. Howver It was looking brand new with 10k. The car carried my family in rough winters for 8 years without ANY major repairs. Not even oil leak. I drove 130,000k and...

Mazda 626 from the HHSkatie01
My parents bought me this car two months after my 16th birthday because the car they had bought me before (brand knew Ford ZX2 Escort).. I totalled. I was extremely happy with my escort so I wasnt too happy to be now stuck with a 9 year old family sedan...

626GE HistoryThe Mazda 626 was a family car produced by Mazda for the export market. It is based on the Japan-market Mazda Capella. The 626 replaced the 616/618 and RX-2 in 1979 and was sold through 2002, when the new Mazda6 took over as Mazda's family car. 4,345,279 626 and Ford Telstar models were sold worldwide.

The 626 was also sold as the Ford Telstar in Asia, Australasia and Southern Africa, but this has been replaced by the European-sourced Ford Mondeo.

The 1971 616 and 1972 618 had been modest successes in the United States, each lasting just a single year. By 1980, the American public was ready for a midsize piston-engined Mazda, and the 626 has been a top seller for the marque ever since.

The first Mazda 626 appeared in most markets in 1979. It was a rear wheel drive compact, little changed from the Japan-market Mazda Capella it was based on. With a 80 hp (60 kW) 2.0 L SOHC straight-4 F/MA engine, it performed well, with both Consumer Guide and Car and Driver magazines comparing it with a BMW. One innovative feature was a split-folding rear seat, which increased cargo capacity and flexibility tremendously. This first 626 was a hit, doubling Mazda's US sales.

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