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1995 Mazda 626GE Review, Ollin, From Campbell, CA. USA

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6 LX

 Model of the car:6 LX
 General comments:I've heard all the nightmare reviews about the trannies, etc. and I did in fact replace mine at 75k. I bought the car at 72k, so I guess the owner was dumping it before the major expense. It cost me $2,600 and it's been solid ever since. The car now has 110,000 and seems to be just fine. I also had to replace the hydraulic lifters on the valve assembly. They were ticking really bad and now the car is as quiet as it will ever be. My mechanic is constantly commenting on how clean the engine is, so they must have done something right. I do enjoy driving the car quite a bit. I don't think I would buy another Mazda since I now know I want to pay a little more for the refinements in other vehicles, but if I did I'd get a '95 with a V6 and a manual trans. I've heard those are rockin' cars.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Interior noise is annoying. There's a howling sound from the windshield when I hit 75 mph. Plastic interior parts rattle and squeak. Attention to detail in the craftsmanship is rather shoddy. Things like the rubber seals along the windows aren't straight and work themselves loose. The wheel covers are pealing the coating off and the inner clips have somehow broken. I don't see other cars with the same problems. Mine has only a 4 cyl. and it's ok, but it lags in 3rd (probably a gas-saver feature) and it could use a little more power. I'll probably get the V6 next time.
 Previous car:Cheaper alternative to Accord, Camry, etc.

Review 1995 Mazda 626GE Ollin, From Campbell, CA. USA
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