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1995 Mazda 626GE Review, HHSkatie01

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Mazda 626 LX

 Model of the car:Mazda 626 LX
 General comments:After totalling my dream car I got for my 16th birthday, my parents stuck me with a '95 Mazda 626. It wasnt so bad, and I really started to warm up to it. After having it for only month or so, it started acting up and the transmission went out. After having to pay 1700 to get a new transmission, I thought... okay maybe it was just coincidence. Everytime I get in that car something different is wrong with it. Recently my interior lights start blinking dim to bright.. along with my headlights, which might I add looks really funny at night. Sometimes Ill start it and it'll die.. the battery light is CONSTANTLY either on or blinking, sometimes it'll just die when I stop at a stop sign.. the car is just a flat our nightmare. I wouldnt wish this car on any of my worst enemies. I do not reccomend it to anyone who is considering buying one, especially for a teenager.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Transmission, Alternator, Engine... and any other major function in it.
 Previous car:'01 Toyota Corolla and a Ford ZX2 Escort

Review 1995 Mazda 626GE HHSkatie01
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