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1995 Mazda 626GE Review, Golda Gurion, From Atlanta, GA

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Mazda 626GE

 Model of the car:Mazda 626GE
 General comments:I paid the same for this vehicle in '95 that many are claiming that they are now. How can this be? Obviously, short cuts and reduced weight due to cost control have taken their toll. This vehicle is highly recommended when new if you want high mileage and a reasonable ride. Get out before it's too late, though. Don't say you haven't been warned. Your transmission is a ticking time bomb--an an expensive one at that.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Weak brakes, suspect electrical system (replaced parking and interior lights several times), horrible acceleration, terribly geared transmission probably designed for great mileage has it constantly shifting too early and dragging the car. Absolutely nothing went wrong on this car until 100K (mostly highway). I would have recommended it to anyone. Not now. Since then, driver-side lock does not work at all, and the transmission has gone completely out. This car is a GREAT car until you start to hit 85K. Get out of it then--caveat emptor. Most reviews on this page are relatively recent. Anything going back several years is suspect. Can't imagine build quality has gone up, can you? Keep in mind, that when you pop the hood all you see is Ford and they NEVER have been able to make a solid transmission.
 Previous car:Nissan Pathfinder--no comparison.

Review 1995 Mazda 626GE Golda Gurion, From Atlanta, GA
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