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1995 Mazda 626GE Review, Happy_zoomzoom, From Pennsylva

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Mazda 626

 Model of the car:Mazda 626
 General comments:MAZDA 626 4 cylinder, automatic transmission, 116,000 miles.
Very good car, just not very forgiving.
If you want to avoid some of the problems others posted
then do the following.

1- Change the transmission fluid right away,
there is no transmission filter. I use Dextron III Mercon fluid.

2- Flush and change radiator fluid and thermostat,
otherwise car will eventually overheat

3- Wash road salt from the bottom of the exhaust system.

4- Clean mass airflow sensor, this takes about 25 - 30 minutes to
locate, remove, spray with throttle body cleaner, air dry, reassemble.
The check engine light may go away.

5-Change the fuel filter if high mileage and it has never been changed.

6- My timing belt lasted over 110,000 miles
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No transmission filter,
if the transmission overheats
**it's not that forgiving**
If you don't maintain it you will be
close to kissing it goodbye.

Review 1995 Mazda 626GE Happy_zoomzoom, From Pennsylva
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