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1998 Mazda 626GE Review, Tyrone Lee, From Gainesville,

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626 LX

 Model of the car:626 LX
 General comments:Paid 10K like new condition back in 1998. I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the performance of this car. For starters, the car gets at least 20 MPG with about 95% City driving and 5% highway. This definitely helps in fuel costs with prices as ridiculous as they are right now. Surprisingly, the 2.0L four cylinder puts out plenty of power, and it accelerates better than the 3100 V6 2000 Malibu! Seats are fairly comfortable with mediocre lumbar support. Outer appearance is quite eye pleasing according to friends. Braking performance is decent, but ABS should be standard as well as 4-wheel disc availible in higher priced models.My only real complaint is the poor quality of construction and fit of interior panels, particularly the interior panels under the A-pillars. These feel like stiffened paper. The fit is horrible, with felt lining sticking out visibly. During periodic warranty work, I was told that this was "factory spec." I would recommend this car for just about anyone who would like a car for light driving and commuting as well as for families of up to four. The car seats five, but four is the maximum comfort level unless the occupants and toddlers. The fold down back seats are also very useful when transporting equipment or say a bicycle.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:cheap interior construction
 Previous car:1990 626 LX, Mazda Protege

Review 1998 Mazda 626GE Tyrone Lee, From Gainesville,
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